Fitness Wear


GE Comfo Sexy Top

Art: GE/FW-3006


Ideal for daily wear, the GMRD ENTERPRISES Men's Compression Full Sleeves Top is a quick-drying, longer-line top that breathes to help you stay dry, comfortable and confident throughout your entire workout.

Breathable fabric for all kind of sports
Flat lock stitching.  
Made of Polyester
Custom Colors / Designs / Logos / Fabric

Made in Pakistan



GE Comfo Dark Grey

Art #: GE/FW-3001

GE Comfo Orange Lines

Art #: GE/FW-3002

GE Comfo Handsome

Art #: GE/FW-3003

GE Comfo Half Sleeve With Shorts

Art #: GE/FW-3004

GE Comfo I-Blue Half Sleeve With Shorts

Art #: GE/FW-3005

GE Training Long Sleeve Top

Art #: GE/FW-3007